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Education and Training

University-Based Curriculum

First-Year Curriculum

 Family Medicine Orientation  2 weeks
 Diabetes  4 week block
 Family Medicine Inpatient Service  (3) 4-week blocks
 Emergency Medicine  4 weeks
 Cardiology  4 weeks
 Intensive Care Unit  4 weeks
 Obstetrics  (2) 4-week blocks
 Newborn Nursery  4 weeks
 Pediatric Inpatient Service  4 weeks
 General Surgery  4 weeks
 Family Medicine Intern Medley  4 weeks


Second-Year Curriculum

 Family Medicine Inpatient Service  (2) 4-week blocks
 Medical Home Management  4 weeks
 Community and Occupational Medicine  4 weeks
 Women's Health  4 weeks
 Pediatric Clinic  4 weeks
 Pediatric Emergency Room  4 weeks
 Adult Orthopedics  4 weeks
 Ambulatory Surgery  4 weeks
 Dermatology  4 weeks
 Behavioral Health  4 weeks
 Elective  4 weeks


 Third-Year Curriculum

 Family Medicine Inpatient Service  (2) 4-week blocks
 Sports Medicine  4 weeks
 Pediatric Selective  (2) 4-week blocks or
 (4) 2-week blocks
 Adult Internal Medicine Selective  (1) 4-week block or
 (2) 2-week blocks
 Ophthalmology, ENT Urology  (2) 4-week blocks
 Family Practice Center  4 weeks
 Electives  (4) 4-week blocks


Longitudinal Curriculum

Family Medicine Outpatient Care
Behavioral Medicine and Mental Health
Longitudinal Obstetrics Experience
Care of the Elderly Patient (Geriatrics)
Information Mastery/Evidence-Based Practice
Research and Scholarship
Practice Management
Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine
Quality Management and Improvement
Women's Health
Sports Medicine

Core Didactic Series

Our program strives for a balance between learning at the bedside, in the clinical exam room, and in the conference room. To accomplish the latter, we have set aside Wednesday afternoons for our conferences, following a structured monthly template. This template involves Grand Rounds followed by resident educational conferences. These conferences are an effective mixture of workshops, problem-based learning cases, and case-based presentations. We also have a longitudinal inpatient curriculum consisting of a series of topics specific to the inpatient setting.