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Education and Training

Urban Program Curriculum

First Year Curriculum

 Family Medicine Orientation  2 weeks
 Diabetes  4 week block
 Family Medicine Inpatient Service  (3) 4 week blocks
 Emergency Medicine  4 weeks
 Cardiology  4 weeks
 Intensive Care Unit  4 weeks
 Obstetrics  (2) 4 week blocks
 Newborn Nursery  4 weeks
 Pediatric Inpatient Service  4 weeks
 General Surgery  4 weeks
 Family Medicine Intern Medley  4 weeks

Second Year Curriculum

 Family Medicine Inpatient Service  (2) 4 week blocks
 Medical Home Management  4 weeks
 Community and Occupational Medicine  4 weeks
 Women's Health  4 weeks
 Pediatrics Clinic  4 weeks
 Pediatric Emergency Room  4 weeks
 Adult Orthopedics  4 weeks
 Ambulatory Surgery  4 weeks
 Dermatology  4 weeks
 Behavioral Health  4 weeks
 Elective  4 weeks

Third Year Curriculum

 Family Medicine Inpatient Service  (2) 4-week blocks
 Sports Medicine  4 weeks
 Pediatrics Selective  4 weeks
 Adolescent Medicine  4 weeks
 Community Medicine  4 weeks
 Ophthalmology, ENT Urology  (2) 4-week blocks
 Family Practice Center  4 weeks
 HIV*  4 weeks
 Electives  (3) 4-week blocks

 *Rotation can be done in Lesotho, Africa or Columbus, Ohio.

Longitudinal Curriculum

Family Medicine Outpatient Care
Behavioral Medicine and Mental Health
Longitudinal Obstetrics Experience
Care of the Elderly Patient (Geriatrics)
Information Mastery/Evidence-Based Practice
Research and Scholarship
Practice Management
Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine
Quality Management and Improvement
Women's Health
Sports Medicine
Community Medicine

Core Didactic Series

Our program strives for a balance between learning at the bedside, in the clinical exam room, and in the conference room. To accomplish the latter, we have set aside Wednesday afternoon for our conferences, following a structured monthly template. This template involves Grand Rounds followed by resident educational conferences. These conferences are an effective mixture of workshops, problem-based learning cases, and case-based presentations. We also have a longitudinal inpatient curriculum consisting of a series of topics specific to the inpatient setting.