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Marianna H. and Tennyson Williams MD Endowment Fund

Present faculty in the Ohio State Department of Family Medicine who have benefited from the Marianna H. and Tennyson Williams MD Endowment Fund include Dr. John R. McConaghy, Professor of Clinical Family Medicine, and Dr. Lawrence L. Gabel, Professor Emeritus of Family Medicine.

Dr. McConaghy was supported to complete nearly 150 hours in the Masters of Medical Management (MMM)/MBA program through the American College of Physician Executives (ACPE). This program focuses on the many aspects of medical administrative leadership including management and managing physician performance, leadership, finance and financial decision making, quality, negotiation, communication, marketing, health law, and others. Dr. McConaghy applies these experiences in a variety of administrative and leadership positions at Ohio State.

Dr. Gabel was supported to participate in the Duke University Health Leadership Program. The Duke Health Leadership Program offers a unique chance for health professionals to develop strong community health planning skills on a part-time basis, by combining on-site and distance learning. Topics studied by Dr. Gabel included principles of population-based health care, issues of the uninsured and underinsured, health care belief models, participatory health care planning, health care finance, team building, chronic illness care management, and systems thinking.

Dr. Gabel applied his fellowship experiences to a project regarding the near east side of Columbus. The near east side of Columbus, Ohio is an area of approximately 8 square miles in which the residents are predominantly African American. Once a robust community, it is now characterized as having old housing, few businesses, and lacking in safety for the residents. It is a disadvantaged neighborhood in which people who live there are often characterized as being disenfranchised. There is a disproportionately high incidence of chronic disease in the near east community and especially so for diabetes, when comparisons are made to Franklin County and the State of Ohio. The purpose of Dr. Gabel’s project has been to identify and secure participation of near east community partners to enter into a long-term collaborative initiative to intervene with persons who are determined to be pre-diabetic toward preventing them from developing type 2 diabetes mellitus.