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Maryanna Klatt, PhD

Professor of Clinical Family Medicine

261 Northwood-High Building
2231 North High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43201
Phone: (614) 293-8007
Fax: (614) 293-2715

Professional Interests
I have been with the OSU Department of Family Medicine since 2004, but came over full-time to the Department in 2010 to expand my research on how mindfulness training can benefit healthcare providers, patients, students, and community members. My program, Mindfulness in Motion, is an evidenced-based 8-week in person meeting, with daily support provided via our website (mindfulnessinmotion.osu.edu). Researched populations include 66 Intensive Care Personnel who have shown significant biological changes in stress reduction (40% lower) along with correlated psychological changes with increases in resiliency skills; 180 OSU Faculty and Staff, showing reductions in inflammation and increases in mindfulness; and inner city elementary children receiving a modified version of the protocol achieving significant decreases in inattention and hyperactivity; and 25 cancer survivors, showing significantly better resilience and quality of sleep, with a decrease in perceived stress. I believe that stress and health is a responsibility of both our institutions and our individual selves. I also believe that a more relaxed and focused healthcare professional provides better patient care. Thus my current work is researching whether or not healthcare professional mindfulness training (intended to decrease inter-professional burnout and perceived stress), can impact patient safety and quality.

I teach medical residents, medical students, graduate and undergraduate students, and teaching has been the joy of my life. Nationally, I have provided retreats and mindfulness training for corporations and universities beyond OSU.