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Jennifer Carter, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
Director of Sport Psychology

OSU Sports Medicine Center at Morehouse
2050 Kenny Rd.
Suite 3100
Columbus, Ohio 43221-3502
Phone: (614) 293-3600
FAX: (614) 293-4399

Professional Interests
As a former college swimmer, I'm a counseling psychologist with a specialty in sport psychology.  I worked as the sport psychologist for OSU Athletics from 2000-2007 and I'm thrilled to return as Director of Sport Psychology in 2013.  In this role, I will provide mental health and performance psychology counseling to OSU athletes, road warriors, sports medicine patients, and individuals in the community.  I hope to build consulting relationships with sport organizations locally, nationally, and internationally, in a relentless pursuit of developing the premier sport psychology service in the U.S.  After working at The Center for Balanced Living in Worthington, I also specialize in eating disorders.  I strive to help adults and adolescents achieve peak performance in multiple life domains.