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Presenting Detailed Information About How You Are Feeling

It is a good idea to think about what you want to accomplish before the actual visit with your doctor. For example, patients should be clear about the reasons for their visit and be able to state them right away.

Use the PACE Guide Sheet you printed to list the concerns you want to discuss with your doctor, beginning with the topic that is most important to you. Please do this now, before continuing (if you have not printed the PACE Guide Sheet, but want to do so now, click here > PACE Guide Sheet).

Are any of the concerns you listed a new medical condition or a change in the way you are feeling since your last visit?

If yes, click here.

If none of the concerns you listed is new or a change, click here.

Table of Contents

Presenting Detailed Information
Guidelines for Reporting New or Changed Symptoms
Tips About Medications
Medication Record Form
Stating What You Expect
Asking Questions
Sample Questions About Diagnosis and Prognosis
Sample Questions About Tests or Procedures
Sample Questions About Medications
Sample Questions About Other Treatments
A List of All Sample Questions
Checking Your Understanding of Information
Expressing Concerns
Tips About Making Appointments
Tips About Medical Records