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Tips About Medications

It is important for you to tell your doctor what medications you are taking, including those prescribed by other doctors and nonprescription vitamins, minerals and herbs. Do not assume that your doctor will remember all of the medications you are taking, even if he or she prescribed them.

If possible, you should bring all of your medications with you to the appointment.

If you can't or don't want to take your medications to the appointment, then make a list of them, indicating the name, dosage, and how you take them (for example: Aspirin; two, 250 mg tablets; three times a day with food). If you would like a form to record your medications, please click here.

Table of Contents

Presenting Detailed Information
Guidelines for Reporting New or Changed Symptoms
Tips About Medications
Medication Record Form
Stating What You Expect
Asking Questions
Sample Questions About Diagnosis and Prognosis
Sample Questions About Tests or Procedures
Sample Questions About Medications
Sample Questions About Other Treatments
A List of All Sample Questions
Checking Your Understanding of Information
Expressing Concerns
Tips About Making Appointments
Tips About Medical Records