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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to your program?

Please see the How to Apply page on our website to learn more about our application process.

What is the Moonlighting Policy?

Moonlighting is permitted for second- and third-year residents who hold a valid permanent Ohio medical license, as long as it does not interfere with the resident’s responsibilities to the program. Before being allowed to moonlight, the resident must fulfill all obligations of the residency program and be approved to do so by the residency director.

What is the Call Schedule?

The call schedule varies upon the rotation and year, with call being no more frequent than every third night. To accomodate the new duty hours regulations, we have implemented a new call schedule, which minimizes cross-cover.  This call schedule has been well received by our residents and faculty.  The Wexner Medical Center has state-of-the art call rooms with computer and fitness facilities. Residents are assured one day off each week, on average, to be away from the program.

Do you Offer any Fellowships?

Yes, we offer a Sports Medicine Fellowship, Clinical Informatics Fellowship, and Primary Care Psychology Fellowship. Our residents work closely with the fellows and faculty members.


How is the Urban Track related to the Residency?

The Urban Track is integraged on several levels with the University Track.  Many of the rotations are the same for both tracks. Continuity patients (your practice) are seen at the Urban site (at CarePoint East) the second and third years of residency. During the first year, continuity patients are seen at Rardin Family Practice.

How is the Academic Focus related to the Residency?

Only highly motivated residents with a strong interest in academic family medicine will be selected to pursue this focus. Residents will complete all the requirements for residency with their peers; however, schedules will be adjusted to allow the resident to begin course work that leads to the post-graduate degree (MPH or MBA). There are research and scholarly requirements that go beyond those of the typical family medicine resident. Intense course work in this area is completed in the year after graduation where you will simultaneously serve as a junior faculty member within the Department.

Is your residency compliant with the ACGME duty hours rules?

Yes, we are in complete compliance with the duty hours rules. Duty hours are monitored and any deviations are addressed immediately. Our focus is on the well-being of the resident with the goal of providing the best residency education available.

Do you accept International Medical Graduates?

Yes. We seek diversity in our Program. We seek the best and the brightest who view Family Medicine as their calling--regardless of where they went to medical school.

Can you tell me more about Ohio State?

To learn more about Ohio State, please see our Graduate Medical Education website.

If you are interested in learning more about Columbus, visit The Columbus Region website.

Learn more about the cost of living in Columbus here.

If you would like to stay updated with our program, please also visit our Facebook Page: OSUFM Residency

We adhere to the requirements listed on the How to Apply page. These requirements are designed to help us achieve our goal of recruiting the best and the brightest into our residency.