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Dr. Wilburn Weddington Featured in Columbus Dispatch Editorial - May 1, 2010

In the May 1, 2010 Saturday edition of the Columbus Dispatch, Jessica Johnson did an OP-Ed piece regarding the national need for more family physicians now and into the future.  She featured Dr. Wilburn Weddington and drew upon his long career as a family physician first in Marietta, GA, then on the near-east side of Columbus, and finally as a faculty member in our Department of Family Medicine.  Dr. Weddington now has emeritus status.  To view the article click here.

Dr. Weddington was one of the founding faculty members of the Ohio State Department of Family Medicine.  Beginning in 1974, he along with five other family physicians helped Dr. Tennyson Williams establish the Department.  Dr. Weddington was particularly interested in medical student education.  He along with Dr. Alice Frazier, who recently joined the Worthington Family Practice after many years in private practice, designed, developed, and offered the first Physical Examination Course to the Independent Study Program students.  That program morphed into the College's full-blown Physical Examination Course as a part of the Physician Development Course that Dr. Doug Knutson was responsible for, and subsequently to the present Clinical Assessment and Problem Solving (CAPS) course of which Dr. Doug Post is the Director and Dr. Allison Macerollo is the Family Medicine Co-Director.

In Dr. Weddington's later years as a faculty member in the Department, he was appointed as Associate Dean of Student Affairs, the first in a long line of departmental faculty members who have and still do serve at a similar level, namely Drs. Mary Jo Welker, Leon McDougle, Randy Longenecker, and Linda Stone.  Dr. Weddington was also active at the University level helping to establish the Frank W. Hale Jr. Black Cultural Center.