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Dr. Ruslana Kurpita Featured in Columbus Dispatch article,"Seeking Alternatives to Allergy Drugs"

Several articles in the Health Section of the March 27, 2011 Columbus Dispatch were dedicated to allergies and asthma.  Dr. Ruslana Kurpita, Assistant Professor of Clinical Family Medicine, serving primarily in the Department's Division of Integrative Medicine and the Center for Integrative Medicine, was featured in an article entitled, "Seeking Alternatives to Allergy Drugs."  Dr. Kurpita explained that she prescribes several treatments, including butterbur extract, nasal rinses and even acupuncture therapy, for some allergy symptoms.  She also said she tells patients that a healthy diet and Omega-3 fatty-acid supplements help balance the good and bad bacteria in the stomach, boosting the immune system.  Finally, Dr. Kurpita explained that a robust immune system helps fight off allergy symptoms.