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AAFP News Interview - Anna Askari

Please join us in recognizing 4th year Medical Student, Anna Askari, on her impressive interview with the American Academy of Family Physicians. Anna talked with AAFP News about how she copes with stress and burnout and her plans to manage it going forward in her medical career. She highlighted yoga practice and volunteerism as methods to manage her wellness.

Anna states, “I definitely use yoga not only as a way to exercise, but also just to be mindful, to take deep breaths. As medical students, most of us are Type A personalities, and we have this guilt when we're not doing something school-related. That takes away from any rest period that you need to give yourself. Yoga forced me to think about myself and take that time.”

“I'm also really involved in advocacy with both AAFP and the Ohio Academy of Family Physicians. I think it's important for medical students to take themselves out of the stress of medical school and reflect on why they went to medical school. It was fun, going to these meetings from time to time and seeing my future colleagues and mentors. It puts into perspective why I want to go into family medicine, how important our work is, and how much work we need to do to advocate for our patients.”

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